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    About us:

    With almost 50 years of collective service within the adverting, designing, printing, ink and paper manufacturing business – we guarantee you a personal and exceptional service level – unique within our industry.

    Our Services:

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      Dedicated person managing all your design and printing requirements
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      Designing Logos, CI (Corporate Identity/brand standard manuals) and all your corporate collateral that your business or brand may require.
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    Our Strengths:

    • Designing and maintaining Corporate Brand Standard at the highest level
    • Quality personal and professional attention across all services
    • Timeously delivery across all services
    • Knowledge and contacts within the industry
    • Quality workmanship done in the most cost effective manner possible

    Our Goal:

    To ensure that our clients have the best product at the best price and ensuring deadline is timeously met on every occasion.


    Always under Promise and over Deliver!

    Logo’s designed by Kirsten Plank

    corporate branding gauteng, hotel brochures gauteng, corporate printing gauteng, corporate identities gauteng, digital andlitho printing gauteng
    corporate branding gauteng, hotel brochures gauteng, corporate printing gauteng, corporate identities gauteng, digital andlitho printing gauteng
    corporate branding gauteng, hotel brochures gauteng, corporate printing gauteng, corporate identities gauteng, digital andlitho printing gauteng

    corporate branding gauteng, hotel brochures gauteng, corporate printing gauteng, corporate identities gauteng, digital andlitho printing gauteng

    Other Accounts include:

    • ABC - African Banc Corporation
    • Batemans
    • DRSA – Disaster Recovery South Africa
    • Institute of Bankers
    • NOR Paper Place
    • SAOU – Suid-Afrikaanse Onderwysersunie
    • Splinter Design
    • Strategic Communications
    • Superior Blade and Grinding Services
    • Technilamp
    • Y&R Wunderman